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At Sussex Eyecare, there is more to your eye examination than finding if you need glasses or contact lenses.  We also carry out a range of tests to assess the health of your eyes.  As everyone is different, your eye examination is tailored to your individual requirements. The basic NHS eye examination may be upgraded to the much more extensive Private examination for an extra charge if you wish. 

We are also able to offer eye examinations to children of any age, and would recommend that a child has an eye exam as early as 3, as many eye conditions cannot be detected in school vision checks.  

Sussex Eyecare is a MECS (Minor Eye Conditions Service) accredited practice, and can offer this service to people registered with a GP in the Seaford and Eastbourne area.  This means we can deal with minor eye conditions on behalf of the NHS to alleviate pressure on GP surgeries.

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    Private comprehensive eye examination, including retinal photography   £55

    NHS funded eye examination  NO CHARGE

    Full fields test   £48

    Colour vision screening test (included in the private eye examination)   £18


    Contact lens aftercare (existing wearers, includes repeat visits within 12 months)   £55

    Contact lens refit (existing wearers wishing to change lens type)   £95

    Contact lens new fit (new wearers, includes aftercare and visits within 12 months)   £125


    Private referral, report for CAA, Police, Forces etc   £30

    Missed appointments (without 24h notice)   £35