Sports and Leisure


Specialist eyewear is available to enhance your enjoyment in a huge variety of activities. Many are also available with or without sight correction to maximise your performance. We can advise on the correct lenses and frame for every activity. We have a posted a few examples.


We have a variety of styles available for cyclists, with or without prescription correction. Wearing eye protection on a bicycle should be an essential part of your safety equipment - you can reach speeds of 20mph just commuting to work - a spec of dust or small stone kicked up by a passing car turns into a missile at these speeds.


This is an ideal frame for those involved in extreme sports, such as para-gliding and mountain climbing, with a variety of conditions. This frame features interchangeable polycarbonate lenses for various weather conditions and light levels.


The FA will not allow someone to play football in glasses, although this is at the discretion of the referee. This particular frame has been produced to offer safety protection with a prescription for children - very useful on the football pitch.


Not guaranteed to improve your handicap, but high contrast lenses enhance the different tones of the fairways and greens, defining the contours and slopes, with the lens shape offering the widest field of view.


High definition lenses for the best contrast coupled with high impact polycarbonate materials for safety. These frames have different lens options for different light conditions and are available with prescription.


A larger eyesize frame coupled with hinged sides allow the wearer to tilt the lenses back to compensate for a forward head tilt when playing snooker, pool, or when bowling. £99.00 complete with your prescription.


Designed for racket sports, this mount is designed to be fitted with high impact resistant polycarbonate lenses either plain or with a prescription. A shuttlecock has been measured at speeds up to 190mph in the 1992 olympics - this could cause serious injury to an eyeball.

Swimming Goggles

Swimming Goggles are available in a variety of styles, different sizes and to suit different prescriptions. Prices start from as little as £29.00.

Water Sports

These frames feature polarised lenses that offer advanced eye protection and elimination of the reflections caused by the water. Ideal for fishing or sailing or any outdoor activity.