Accessories Overview

As well as the usual range of glasses and contact lenses, Sussex Eyecare also carry other items to make your visual challenges easier. From Magnifiers, and Low vision Aids, we carry a large range of spectacle cases an ideal gift for the spectacle wearer, spectacle cords for hanging your glasses conveniently around your neck.

Hobby Magnifiers

We carry a variety of specific magnification devices for specific tasks. Linen provers for checking stitching on fabric, Text bar magnifiers for scanning the text on a page of a book. Bug Jars illuminated magnifiers with a confinement capsule for close examination of small insects etc, and Jewellers Loupes offering magnification up to 12x.


The larger a magnifier, the weaker the lens. We supply standard round magnifiers from 48 to 120mm in diameter, offering magnification from 2x to 4.4x. Illuminated magnifiers start from about £6.00 offering similar magnification to the non illuminated type, and are available in a variety of styles and powers.

Low Vision Aids

We can undertake low vision assessments if required and advise on methods of assistance available. We can supply a variety of low vision aids from manufacturers such as COIL and ESCHENBACH, as well as a variety of other manufacturers.